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A comprehensive Guide to buy Club Chair Cover

If you are planning to invest on a cosy piece of furniture or looking for options to give your old furniture a refreshed look, it is ideal to invest some extra bucks in getting good chair covers. When it comes to club chairs, there are plenty of ways to give those an entertaining and appealing look. Club chair covers are now available in various colours, sizes, and designs to refresh the look and feel of your chairs.

In this guide, we will discuss some tips for you to get the best options when it comes to buying club chair cover.

How to make a club chair cover choice?

Slipcovers server a lot of purposes. These can help protect your chair from dirt or water materials getting accumulated on it. These can also offer a better finish to your old furniture along with keeping your valuable piece of chairs protected for longer life. Let us discuss some essentials.

Choosing the best colour of chair cover

Considering the need to cover up your club chair, colour is a primary consideration. Club chairs need to be shiny and appealing. There are various trendy colours available out there, ranging from indigo, white, cream and may other retro colours too at the online stores.

Choosing an appropriate size cover

Chair sizes may vary. When it comes to standard branded chairs, you may be having the specification of its dimensions at the catalogue, which you can use while searching for a rightly fitting club chair cover. But, in the case of custom-made chairs, you need to have an idea about its size and dimensions of the parts like seats, backrest etc. to choose an appropriate size cover. Remember that having a loose-fitting cover on your club chair will instantly make it unappealing to your guests.


There are plenty of choices in terms of chair cover fabric out there as cotton, polyester, wool, spandex, vinyl, linen, and a fine blend of all these. Always look for a durable cover when you are planning to cover up your club chairs, which are mostly used outdoors. Dark-coloured thick fabrics are ideal if you want to cover up the stains and soft colours are ideal if you want to give it a classy minimalist look. Cotton is mostly preferred to give a softer finish, but polyester and stretchable cotton-spandex mix are also ideal to consider.

When it comes to choosing an apt club chair cover online, you may also look for the below features in the product description to do appropriate shortlisting of your options.”

  • Inviting hues
  • Splendid fabrication
  • Plenty of choices in colours
  • Care instructions provided
  • Smooth texture and safe on skin
  • The premium quality of the fabric used
  • Ease of washing ease of wipe cleaning
  • No moisture accumulation inside (breathable fabric)
  • Use of environmentally friendly material, which is unique
  • Adequate protection from UV rays, rain, and snow etc

Along with these, while searching online; you may also look for the customer feedback and reviews too to get a better understanding of the acceptance and quality of various products. At the online stores, you also have the option to compare pricing and features to identify which among the identical products are most cost-effective to buy.

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