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Advantages of Online Therapy

The demand for the online therapy modality has been growing a lot lately, including the top organ of psychology (Federal Council of Psychology) released online sessions, however advising that the most serious cases should not be done by this means.

The ability to make a room available online makes it possible for both the professional and the patient to be able to talk openly, without having to move. In this article, we discover the advantages of online therapy. 

Online Therapy

It is a fact that we are never the same people when we think about the discrepancies in the online and offline worlds. Through the internet we can express ourselves better and say what we feel without any shame, personally, it costs a little time to trust someone.

The online therapy not only ensures better discretion about you but also comfort, as there is no need to move. Also, talking to different professionals around the country can be a little advantageous and even more comfortable, as it is far from your cycle of friendships.

Those who seek the service, in some cases, do not want to be identified out of shame or fear of a previous judgment. 

Psychotherapy should become a habit to keep the mental health of the individual, especially in stressful times as we experienced lately. Your health does not depend only on the presence or absence of symptoms, but on various interactions between mind, relationship with others, and body.

Advantages of Online Therapy

Discretion: As stated earlier, only you and your psychologist will know what you are talking about. As most professionals who offer this service are located outside of your state or municipality, comfort is much clearer and it is possible to express yourself better.

Scheduled sessions: if you don’t have time to go to an office or have psychotherapy sessions during the day, there’s nothing to worry about. Some professionals also work at night and you can chat with them at almost any time, as long as you make an appointment in advance.

Quality: luckily, online service has the same quality as the in-person service. As it is a conversation, the more sincere you are, the better.

Convenience: do your sessions at home, at the office, or while traveling. Several websites offer this service and that can connect you at any time with quality professionals.

Freedom of choice: when you go to a face-to-face office, you will hardly know or understand the assignments and academic background of the person in front of you. Now online, it is possible to choose the professional you won’t judging by the curriculum or description. You can change professionals, if you are not feeling comfortable, as many times as you want and without giving too many explanations.

No stress: don’t get traffic, don’t look for parking spaces, and don’t fight with your family if they don’t support you. As it is an online procedure, it is your own space and that of the professional who seeks to help you.

Emotional openness: as it is an online service, you can talk about your most intimate secrets without worrying about who is on the other side of the screen. You can choose to attend via Skype, chat, or video.

Security: the online therapy process is not illegal, much less new. It is an activity regulated and authorized by the Regional Council of Psychology and the Federal Council of Psychology. The service also complies with ethical standards in the Psychologist’s Code of Ethics and is considered safe for anyone who needs to use the service.

No need to travel: online therapy is a solution of choice for people who are unable to travel (due to a disability for example) or for expatriates for whom the virtual meeting is certainly a real opportunity. It is also advantageous for people who do not have practitioners in their locality.

Possibility of doing therapy while maintaining your anonymity: Online psychotherapy allows people who do not dare to be helped face to face (inhibition problems, shyness) and for whom online therapy can represent “a first step” in this openness to themselves which does not could probably be done without it.

Easier to find time for therapy: if you have a busy schedule, online therapy also gives you flexibility in scheduling appointments.

Reduced consultation rates: this is not a general rule for therapists but the saving of a physical place of consultation makes it possible to offer more advantageous consultation rates and therefore allows access to therapy for more modest people.

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