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7+ Best Project Management Software

Whether it is a small business or a big industry, business persons always want to make everything managed with ease and perfection. When it comes to managing business things, projects are the most imperative part of a business needs more attention and efforts to manage. If we choose a manual way to manage such things, it can be complex as well as difficult, therefore, we need to make things easier using a better and perfect alternative. Nowadays, technology has a number of solutions for everything, especially for businesses no matter what is the type.

Do you have any idea about the software? Obviously, if you are a business person, you must know the trending software because it plays an important role in your personal as well as professional life.  

With the use of software and applications, many things become not even easier but also convenient. Now we can easily manage our professional and personal things using only a software.

There are different types of software available according different-different usages. You just need to determine your requirement and then choose the right option for that. Now come to the point, here we are going to show you some topmost and imperative management software that can help you to grow your business.

Find the topmost project management software to make your business things easier and convenient. 

A List of the Best Project Management Software 


asanaThis is one of the topmost business management software and a great solution for all businesses. If you heard about it then definitely you know the features and benefits.

Otherwise, it is ok, we will let you know how it becomes the most important alternative for a business. It offers a bunch of benefits with the great combination of features. Using it, you can add a daily to-do list of your project.

In addition, it has amazing features including tracking, handy tracking function, project tracking, file sharing, Asana and more. You can download it on your Android and IOS device. 


Trello is one of the leading project management solutions and a cross-platform. It allows file sharing and available in a premium version that you can download on your Android and IOS device.

Over the years, Trello becomes the most demanding choice in the business world. It helps in organizing all the work-based and other personal projects through any device whether it is a computer, laptop or mobile phone.

Beside this, you can add to-do lists within a task, comment on available items and attach files. It supports Window and Mac systems so don’t worry about the system support. You can manage all the project activities within an application. 


Looking for generating project ideas app? If yes then stop your search because we have a one-stop solution for such needs.

Podio is a communication-first application which is known for generating project idea for a business. It has many business benefits such as project tracking, supports various platform, file sharing, available in premium version and much more.

Besides this, it has useful MI function. It is specially designed for businesses which are dealing with various projects. Millions of business are using it across the world. It provides the ability to create tasks and you can customize them according to workflow. 


Evernote is an ultimate digital assistance for all professional works. It works with web, Android, and IOS platform and allows file sharing. It has availability in the previous version.

Features are outstanding as it has scanning features and searchable notes and lists. Furthermore, it is an excellent innovation which helps to boost productivity at professional as well as personal level.

If you are looking for a great strength that can help you to manage time-sensitive projects and a tone of complex things, choose Evernote which has the capability to manage such things. 


If you are finding an effective tool or app for collaborating on projects, Basecamp is the right choice for your business.

Basecamp includes various useful features such as project tracking, file sharing and supports various platforms. It has the ability to create group chats and offers a weighty veteran solution.

With the great reputation and high demand, it becomes a highly credible tool for all businesses which are working on large projects.

The latest version of Basecamp includes a bunch of features such as send messages for instant discussion, get notifications, set up a schedule, and much more. 

Proof hub

It is a versatile business management software using by maximum business organizations.

The proof hub includes a packet of ultimate features like task management, online proofing, feedback sharing process, visual images of the project, and availability as a mobile application.

So, it is a complete package of perfection and ease which can help you to manage all your project activities.   


workzoneWork zone specially designed to help organizations and individuals in order to get better control and visibility in project management. It provides a central place to share and manage tasks where everyone can stay on the same page. It offers various helpful features to improve work efficiency and time management.

Most knowing features are getting top-level work report, faster communication, creating tasks, sharing files, add to-do list and much more.

Aside from it, you can set permission for other users including your clients as well. 

Zoho Projects

zohoIt has the ability to manage a number of project management activities. Zoho is one of the best and simple business management tools offers various business benefits and features to control and manage various activities.

It has some essential features including effective file management, charts to see project progress, tool to create communicate and collaborate and the ability to manage every aspect.

It is a paid tool which is affordable for every business person. You can buy at $25 for per month and allowed for up to 20 projects. 


These are some important and trending business management tools that you can choose to manage your projects. First of all, determine your requirements then choose an effective software for project management. Hopefully, you will find it helpful. 

Julia Ching
Julia Ching works as a writer for Salonist – Best Beauty Salon POS System Software. She is a web addict and spends too much time in front of the computer. When she manages to get away for more than 10 minutes, she will read books, travel or shoot photos.
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