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7 Personal Finance Apps Everyone Should Know

Finance management, budget- making and investment is an art that requires optimum knowledge of the market. The decisions taking in regard with these finances can create a long-lasting impact on your life. 

To make your finances calculations easier and more convenient to you, we have brought the top personal finance apps that serves the purpose. These apps are focused to guide and imitate you about the best ways through which you can successfully manage your finances.

Here is the list of most widely accepted and use personal finance apps:


Mint is considered to be one of the most useful apps that is used to manage your money. This is an impactful app that offers all the possible ways to keep your finances management intact. From creating the specific budget for you to track your spending, it adds the informative to do list for your upcoming budget. 

It helps you to choose the smartest and easiest way to keep a solid track on your budget and the expenses. 

With an easy connection of all the credit cards on your app, you can analyze and track the records easily. It also acts as a reminder to remind you about the dates of your pay dues well in advance. Hence, it helps in preventing you to fail from paying the dues on date. Moreover, it also shows the real – time credit score of yours in the market. 

You Need A Budget App

As the name suggests, this app is all you need when you are in a mood to get out from debt. This app helps in detail to avoid you from the habit of paycheck to paycheck. It helps you to figure out your monthly expenses with your actual monthly income. This gives you an opportunity to pre- decide your upcoming budget and prevents you from getting debt from the market. This happens because you are well in advance notified about your limit of expenses that can allow you to live a debt- free life. 

Not only monthly, you can also have weekly budget tie up with this app. Hence, instead of every time checking out your budget before doing any expense, you can simply opt for checking the app once. 


It is one of the best apps for Apple iPhone available in the market that helps you to track your expenses. It gives you the opportunity to analyze your spending, without every time manually entering the amount.

It has a provision of letting its users know about the speed and graph of their expenses. Hence, seeing and reviewing the graph, gives you an idea how you should control and manage your expenses. 


Painless savings is a dream of all. Having an app that harness the benefits of automating precise finance behavior in your savings is all that you need. 

This app gives you the same opportunity. It helps in putting down the investments in a convenient manner. You can easily go for investments without taking pain of it. As with this app, automatically savings starts. This automatic set up is a boon for the users. 


There are many sorts of one app destinations that offers you coin based trading .it is a good start if you are planning to make your savings accordingly to your budget. With a simple version of it, it offers you the ease and convenience to start your finance management in an effective manner. 

It also has a provision of uploading your important documents that are mostly required for the purpose of trading and investments. The most salient feature of the app is that it allows the prior notifications about the ups and downs of the market. It helps in providing a glimpse about the profit or loss that you might get with the trading of coins with this app. 


Robinhood is one of the best investing apps that has been generously used by more than 99% of population. With distinctive features on it, it offers many of the transactions free to its users. It is considered as one of the most influential investing apps that have distinct trading capacities. 

According to the requirement of the users, this app could be customized and used in a specific way. It is a guide for those who are new or are a first- time investors in the market. 


Specifically oriented to the individuals or group of people who get their payments on the project basis, this is an easy app to go for. It acts as a reminder for asking for the payments in situations where expected date has been crossed already.  It acts as a need for freelancers who wish to keep a track of their earnings and make budget according to it. 

All these apps are a bliss for all. It helps in managing, optimizing and controlling your budgets according to your income.

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