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10 Coronavirus Tips for Estate Agents

10 Coronavirus Tips for Estate Agents

In the wake of a pandemic, estate agents are focused on a need to function with innovation and creativity. Having been in a people-centric business for generations, the estate agents in Buckingham work hard to make this ‘new normal’ situation work best for customers and their performance alike. So safety is more of a priority here.

1 ) Buyer’s need is first

As property professionals, estate agents in Aylesbury think it’s vital to put their customers above all else. There’s a great way to build a trusted client relationship this way, which is valuable to an estate agents’ business. Plus, it’s a proven attitude that gets you long term clients and excellent local presence. After all, an estate agent’s results are about the trust and the client’s experience while working with you. So, you can be sure this is a value that can work wonders in COVID when the whole business is shifting to ‘new normal’ ways, and the trust factor is the indispensable asset.

2) An online presence 

A strong digital presence can be crucial to your fantastic performance, particularly now, with lockdown rules and social distancing guidelines. As a friendly and professional estate agent, you need to be able to ensure your property or brand is up there online. You will be glad to know that the majority of customers now prefer to discover their property online, at least in the initial phase of viewing and shortlisting. This could not only save your time but also help you connect with your potential buyers effectively. 

3) Update your Proptech tools

Amid a pandemic situation,, you could rethink the proptech tools you work with and upgrade The UK property market is full of innovative tools that can support your goals. To begin with, virtual viewings are here to stay for a long time. And estate agents in the UK are adapting to the new solutions for property viewings: either a good quality walkthrough video or a professional 3D property tour can go a long way in reaching your customers, online and safe. Well, that’s the smartest way of going about your business now, and it’s showing great results too. 

4) Use video conferencing 

Today’s technology gives you an array of tools to choose. From Whatsapp video calls to Zoom conferencing and Google meet, you have the advantage of using whichever mode works best for you and your customers. And it’s a perfect time to get down to using these apps and connecting with your customers during social distancing.. This way, you strengthen bonds with your existing clients or develop a rapport with new customers who plan to invest or rent a new home in future. 

5 ) Be the thought leader

It’s common knowledge that people look – up to their estate agents for property market input and updates. It really helps if you develop a deep understanding of the property market, local trends and insights. You can be the ‘thought leader’ who knows and predicts the market journey for your customers. This is one of the most essential skills you will need, to stay afloat in these challenging times. 

6) Stay in touch with your clients

Excellent communication is the key to any business. Your property business is no exception. Pick up the phone and ring your customers. Let them know you care for them, and you’re there to help them anytime. Offering your valuable advice in an unusual phase of our lives is like an investment for your future.

7 ) Prepare for safe viewings

Following the virtual viewings, you will be required to plan on a physical viewing on site. So it’s worth taking time and effort to prepare for a safe property viewing. Follow the government safe viewings guidelines and social distancing measures strictly. Keep your PPE (personal protective equipment) stocked and be sure to use hand sanitizers before and after the tours. 

8) Is the property ready for viewing?

According to the public health guidelines property has to be sanitized for each viewing and unoccupied for at least 72 hours before viewing. Try to space out your viewings and plan a physical visit only for the clients who have a genuine interest in the property.

9) Make the viewing work for you

With social distancing, you may wonder how to create an impact on your customer during the viewing. It’s easy when you already have a trust relationship with your customer and share a genuine concern for their safety. Is there a better way of showing you care than by following social distancing? Ensure you stay at least 3 meters away from your customer in a viewing. Perhaps, it’s better to keep out of the property during the physical viewing ( remember to keep the lights on and all the doors and windows open). Anyways, you are available just outside to answer any of their questions. 

10) A handy tip for you

Why not make a listing of the unique features and amenities for your customers? A mind map of the attractive aspects you wish to point out and FAQs help your client understand the house better during the viewing. Besides, they can pen their questions for you on the list, and remember to clarify when they meet you outside or at your office later.


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