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Do Window Shutters Block Out Light?

A very common question that a lot of people ask on a regular basis is if window shutter block out light? The truth is that there is nothing that can create a true blackout situation except for a room without any doors or windows. Eventually light will find its way from the windows, between the doors, gap between doors and door frame. It is also asked if aluminium shutters will help in block out or not.

Well, shutters are one of the better window dressing options that control the light and can create a dark environment when completely closed.

As compared to curtains and Venetian blinds, shutters are more effective. Shutters are even better than lightweight fabrics like roller or Roman blinds. 

Different shutters to choose from 

The plantation shutters allow light to seep between the louvers and even between the frame and the panel. But this is less light than other window dressings and most people will be surprised at the level of darkness they get in the room.

On the other hand, shutters with bigger louvers and slats allow most amount of light during the day time but even provide the best opportunity for blackout when they are closed. This is so because there are lesser louvers and slats, thus fewer gaps.

People say that the level of light with larger louvers is perfect for a peaceful sleep. Thinner louvers on the other hand mean that there is more space for light to enter, reducing the ability to stop light from coming in. 

Benefits you get with shutters 

Unlike curtains or blinds, window shutters are made into a frame designed to fit and be sealed in the window frame. There are no edged around the shutter’s outside that the light can penetrate. With window shutters, just the gaps allow the light to get into the room. Thus they are the perfect option for those who wish to restrict the amount of light to get inside a room. 

Also, you will be surprised when you take out those huge dark curtains. The room will look spacious and larger. As wooden window shutters are made so close to the window, they gain extra depth for the room. Even matching the shutter colour with the window makes them look fitted and because most of the windows are white, they offer a glow when the light comes out from the louver blades. 

Additions that can help in blocking out 

When you want to ensure that there is complete black out you will have to consider combining one of more coverings too. For instance, you can have blackout blinds behind the window shutters, install shutters with blackout blinds, and go for position curtains in front of the shutters and more. 

To add more, you will find that if shutters you but are manufactured and installed to highest quality standards, light penetration will be so less that you will not need to even double up your task to add something else for blocking out light. Even the size of louver blade and number of shutters you choose play a crucial part in how much light will get into the room. Some years ago, the trend was to have lots of small window shutters across the whole window that fold up with small louver blades. This would provide a traditional sort of a look and could even make the room busy, in turn making the space feel darker and smaller. But now the trend has changed as wide louvers and huge shutters are the latest thing to have. Window shutters finish the room so what’s the need to fold them back? 

For light block out, choose large shutters that complement with the medium or large louver blades in order to maximise the size of your space and allow as much light as possible. You will also have the benefit of tilting the louvers for shutting down the light whenever needed. 

A lot of people believe that interior window shutters are not that good for blocking out light. And as this has been the understanding amongst a lot of homeowners, it is a very common misconception. The fact is that interior shutters have the capacity to block out light. Apart from the versatile functionality they offer, they can even bring great aesthetic value and allow your home or office to look good. 

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