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How Instagram Marketers Can Boost Customer Engagement with the Right Analytics

If there is anything in the world that all marketers hanker, it is engagement. As everyone knows data-driven marketing offers businesses a better chance of increasing their growth rates while delivering superior customer satisfaction.

In a study conducted by a global business magazine, it was proven that one of the most critical factors in driving the global economy was data-driven marketing.

Businesses that adopt this principle are three times more likely to have achieved superiority in customer engagement over their competition. The objective of the business is to satisfy the interests of the prospect while taking care to achieve its business goals.

Marketers can look at the following approaches to improve their marketing strategy:

Segment Customers So That You Can Personalize Delivery

The more specific you are, the more flexibility you have to address your customer needs and wants. More than trying to segment customers according to their demographics, you should make the effort to understand them based on their lifestyles that will give you a better idea of what they will want to consume and what their aspirations are. This kind of segmentation approach can happen when you can define practical and realistic goals for your data-driven projects. When you can segment customers according to their lifestyles, you are in a better position to customize your advertising. You no longer have to guess about what product is likely to work the best for them because you have all the information at your fingertips to make smarter decisions. You can segment the visitors to your website as per the data you have gathered, and serve them advertisements that target them based on their interests. By implementing this method, Lenovo, a global leader in computers, was able to increase its click-through by a massive 30% that also resulted in more conversions and sales. According to https://sloanreview.mit.edu, organizations that use analytics better benefit from stronger customer engagement.

Analytics data can help businesses to differentiate themselves from the competition. The marketing team can create and implement smarter campaigns by aggregating and analyzing the data faster so that they can take the lead in customer engagement with a superior understanding of customer behavior. When brands attempt to build a more accurate customer profile, they can create and target more personalized communication that will provoke customers to take action. By accurately defining their customer segments, businesses can create advertisements that address the customer’s needs better. Aided by customer data, they can develop smarter marketing campaigns that deliver free Instagram likes as well as better ROI.

Establish Triggers Based on Behaviors   

By evaluating the interaction of customers on Instagram, you will be able to gain fresh perspectives on the methods of engagement that work better. Data collection from analytics does not serve a purpose by itself. You need to go deeper and start monitoring the behavior of your customers and try to establish patterns and the contexts of their occurrence. This analysis is required for a better understanding of the why and how of customer behavior, as well as the ability to predict accurately what the customer is likely to do next. It is a marked difference to the historical practice of studying past data as contemporary marketing requires you to access analytics from a predictive point of view. If you can accurately predict the behavior of customers, you will be able to time your customer engagement initiative better. Marketers need to appreciate that the longer the duration of the engagement, the better the opportunity of their being able to understand the behavior. In the context of the business, you must do everything possible to ensure that the customer does not stop somewhere in the sales funnel just because he is bored. By figuring out what the cause of the boredom is with advanced Instagram analytics, you can identify new opportunities for engaging customers and incentivizing them to move forward to complete the conversion. The analytics will have to cover every customer touchpoint; the product or the service, the website, the e-commerce platform, and even customer service to find out what has bored the customer enough for him to stop his journey with the brand.

Create Continuing Conversations with Customers 

Customers not only like to interact with the brands they buy, but they also expect to be able to do so. Regardless of whether you want customer feedback or not, customers will share their views on your product, service, website functionality, customer service, and everything else they might have experienced. They might do so with you, or they might do it on other forums, but instead of fearing it, you should go out to use analytics tools to discover the online chatter, so that you can respond quickly to address the issues, preferably in real-time. Using Instagram analytics enable marketers to employ conversational marketing to build and maintain valuable relationships with customers. Instead of the car salesman approach of pushing a product without caring to establish an enduring relationship, Instagram marketers can benefit more substantially by trying to use customer feedback to respond to concerns to maximize sales over the lifetime of the relationship, not focus on making a single sale. The traditional metrics of revenue and ROI do not successfully measure the effectiveness of this method of marketing. You should be open to embracing conceptual analytics to optimize the process of conversational marketing. When you listen to your customers and figure out what they want with their choice of words and tone, you can customize the conversation better and eliminate many of the typical challenges to successful conversions. It is important to remember that even though the modern customer desires open communication, he wants to be able to control it. It is, therefore, important to deliver messages at his convenience.


Accessing Instagram analytics does not help to resolve immediate customer concerns or to boost the rate of engagement only. When done intelligently, these analytics can help to personalize content delivery, open up opportunities for conversational marketing, and empower businesses to respond to behavioral triggers that serve to satisfy customers better. There are many advances third-party Instagram analytics tools available that marketers can use to obtain detailed performance data on their Instagram campaigns.

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