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How to Improve Your App Store Ranking?

By 2022 annual mobile app downloads are projected to reach 258 billion. That’s a 45 percent increase from 178 billion downloads in 2017. 

With millions of apps in the app store, the competition now has increased more than ever before. All app owners want their app to stand out and get ranked as the top app. 

Getting your app ranked high is not a cakewalk, It requires strategic planning and the right approach. Your app’s ranking depends on a number of factors including how well you understand your target audience, the performance of your app, and what features your app has. 

How to increase app ranking in the App Store is a question that is doing rounds in the app industry today. An increase in app rankings can help increase the revenue of your business. Here, in this article, I’ve talked about ways to improve your app’s ranking. Let’s read in detail on how to improve app store ranking. 

Make An App that People Want

Here is how to increase app ranking in the app store. If you want to make an app with a large user base and many downloads, it’s important that you make an app that people want. Make sure you meet your app meets the expectations of your target audience. Integrate features that are liked and desired by your users.  

If you make an app nobody wants, your app would surely fail to engage your customers. People would no longer be using it. If you want an app that keeps your users hooked to it and compels them to keep coming back, you need to fulfill your user’s need. The app has to be centered around your customers’ likings and preferences. This is one of the best ways to improve your app’s ranking, for sure.

Increase Organic Downloads 

Before knowing how to improve app store ranking through organic downloads, it’s important you understand what organic downloads are. Google tracks all the sources of customer acquisition, whether it is through paid downloads or through organic downloads. 

Organic downloads are those app downloads that the users do without you displaying advertisements across various ad networks and social channels such as Google Playstore and Facebook. At present, content marketing, your app social media, and in-app referrals are the three most effective mediums of organic growth through app downloads being done organically.  

Increase Users’ Time Spent on the App

Let’s read more on how to improve app store ranking. If you make an app that users like, they’ll invest more time on your app. Building a great app with an enticing user interface helps you in alluring more customers to your app. If you build an app that is liked by your users, then they’ll spend more time on your app and download it more. 

More app downloads help improve your app ranking in the app store and help to boost the online presence of your brand. Build well-tailored apps so that more users spend their time on your app. The best apps featured on google have the total time spent per user of more than 1 hour per week. Great apps such as Whatsapp and Facebook have users spending on them a couple of hours per day. 

Increased time spent on your app ensures that your users like your app and they would love to spend time on your app. Building a great app with an enticing user interface and alluring features keeps your users hooked and helps to increase customer retention.

Boost the Customer Retention of Your App

Increasing the customer retention of your app is one of the best ways to improve your app’s ranking. Say, for instance, if 200 users download your app every day, how many of them use the app 20 days, 40 days, or 80 days after downloading the app, and how many of them have uninstalled your app. This helps you know how well your app performs and how much is it liked by your users.

You can increase customer retention by integrating features that your user wants in the app. Apps with high retention have higher chances of being featured as one of the best apps on the app store.

Improve App Downloads 

To know how to increase app ranking in the app store, you need to understand and realize the importance of app downloads. Make sure to increase the app downloads of your app. Increase the daily downloads of your app. The more downloads your app has, the higher it’ll rank in the app store. 

Google chooses to feature an app that has high downloads. So, try and work to create effective marketing strategies to increase the overall downloads of your app. Increased download help to improve the overall rating of your app. Make sure that you promote your app well before launching it. 

Promoting your app helps people in knowing about your app so that they know more about the features of your app and what features the app. Letting users know about your app helps them in knowing what does the app offers to them.

Wrapping it All

These are some of the ways to improve your app’s ranking. An app helps to boost the online presence of your business. But, in order to monetize your app and drive in business profits, you need to make your app stand out from the rest. Your mobile app can bring in revenues for your business only when it is liked and downloaded by your users. 

With several apps prevailing in the app store, it’s important that your app outperforms the other apps present in the app stores. By knowing how to improve app store rankings, you can easily improve the ranking of your app in the app store. This can be done easily by making sure that you build an app that people want. Increase the organic app downloads of your app, boost the customer retention of your app, improve daily app downloads, and increase the time spent on your app.

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