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How to Make Your Baby’s First Birthday Special

The 1st birthday of your little bundle of joy is very special. Parents often think of celebrating the 1st birthday of their kid in a meticulous manner in order to reminisce the wonderful past year warmly and wonderfully. 

But this attempt often exposes parents to emotional and financial stress that can take a toll on them. From finding the perfect outfit for your little one for smearing their cake on to managing the guest list and arranging the right food, the first birthday party often leaves parents thinking as if they are arranging a wedding reception. 

But don’t stress over a planning an elaborate first birthday.  Since the little tyke is not even a bit matured to understand anything. Hence you are the one to choose anything that will mark the occasion.

Here are some of the tips that you can follow for making your child’s first birthday extra special without breaking the bank. Just read on. 

  • Limit the Guest List – Although a huge party can seem to be a lucrative option, you can keep it small and simple for the first birthday.  You should opt for a small and family-only party especially if you have a sensitive baby who does not do well in noisy ambience or if you have a small house. So if you have decided to invite your entire family along with the babies then that may require some intricate planning and comprehensive baby-proofing of your apartment. 
  • Choose a Time – When her first birthday rolls out your baby may be still taking afternoon and morning naps. If so, then it is suggested that you plan the party around the morning and afternoon nap. If there will be other young guests, then you should check out their nap times with their parents.  Actually, if one of the babies starts crying, it can happen that the other ones start wailing too. You should also keep the party as short as possible. At that age, even an hour-long party may seem to be sufficient for the kids. 
  • Party Proof the House – By the time, your baby is about a year old, it is quite understandable if you have already baby-proofed the house. The safety gates and the cabinet locks are vital safety measures for protecting the child. Apart from that, you also need to party-proof the house by ensuring that the new sofa or the antique vase is well-secured and can avoid accidents. You should take a moment for surveying the area where you will be hosting the party. You can get peace of mind by removing sentimental objects from that place. 
  • Keep Things Simple – A small and simple party is what is required on the 1st birthday and hence you should not try to overwhelm yourself as your little tyke won’t understand the difference. You should consider the personality of the guest of honour prior to planning an elaborate party. Just a backyard barbeque with friends and family or cake and ice cream with close ones can spell magic for you and create magnificent memories without getting your baby overwhelmed. 
  • Ask for Help – You can think of asking family members or hiring a babysitter for helping you to take care of your duties and making the most of your baby’s big day simultaneously. 
  • Ask for Response – Experts suggest that you should ask the potential partygoers to respond to your invitation and to confirm whether they will be able to turn up or not at least a couple of days in advance. This will help you to stay prepared with the food and the seating arrangements in advance. 
  • Take Pictures Ahead of Time – You should take a few keepsake pictures with the birthday girl once the décor is up and before the chaos starts. 
  • Check on the Treats – You should ask the guests if there are food allergies that are required to be considered.  You should keep the treats simple like the graham crackers and the chopped fruits for the kids and the more grown-up versions of the same delicacies for the adults in your party. 
  • Goody Bags – At this age, goody bags are not that essential and the usual treats like balloons and candies are to some extent dangerous for the toddlers in your party.  If you still want to offer a parting gift you can give a board book or a safe soft toy to the little guests. 
  • Don’t Stress – Remember that you still have lots of years before you have to hire a DJ or host pony rides. Just a 1-year old baby won’t even realise if you are throwing a happening party or just celebrating a closed affair.  As long as the little one feels loved and finds her loved ones around it is absolutely ok. 

The above are some of the tips to celebrate a fun and trouble-free 1st year birthday for your baby. These are suggested by the experts of a reputed company of event management who have been in the industry for quite some time and knows exactly what works and what does not for throwing a successful 1st year birthday party for your bundle of joy.

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