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The Power of Staging: 5 Proven Ways to Attract Buyers to Your House

The Power of Staging: 5 Proven Ways to Attract Buyers to Your House

When it comes to selling a house in the UK, staging is an essential aspect that should not be overlooked. The process of putting a house up for sale by setting up the furnishings, decorations and emphasising its greatest features is known as “staging a house”. The primary objective of staging is to create an atmosphere that appeals to potential buyers, which can ultimately lead to a faster sale and a higher selling price.

Staging is a vital process that allows buyers to envision themselves living in that particular home. It helps them to see the potential of the property and makes them feel welcome. According to the HSA’s 2019 Home Staging Report, house staging expenses are projected to range from between £500 to £5,000, but staging may raise a home’s value by up to 10%. Moreover, according to 85% of real estate agents, a staged home may sell up to three times faster than an unstaged one. If you’re looking to sell your home, get a Free and accurate house valuation and stay up to date with the market prices.

Here are five ways staging can attract buyers.

1. Showcases the property’s best features

Every home has distinctive qualities that set it apart from similar properties on the market. These features may be accentuated through staging, which can help purchasers notice them more effortlessly. For instance, staging may highlight a home’s lovely bay windows by positioning furniture in a way that highlights the view. Similarly, if a home has a beautiful fireplace, strategically staging decor around it would help make it the centre of attention in the space.

2. Helps buyers visualise living there

When a home is staged, it’s relatively simple for buyers to picture themselves residing there. Potential buyers may more easily see their own furniture and possessions in the space by clearing out personal objects and neutralising the decor. They may find it simpler to emotionally relate to the home and envision themselves residing there as a result.

3. Raise in selling price

The price at which a house is sold may rise as a result of staging. The Home Staging Association UK found that staged properties often sell for 8–10% more than unstaged homes. This means that if your property is worth £300,000, staging it could potentially increase the sale price by £24,000-£30,000. The cost of staging is typically much lower than the potential increase in the sale price, making it a smart investment for sellers.

4. Gives a ready-to-move-in appeal

Staging can often help buyers see how the space can be used and how their furniture, personal belongings might fit when they enter a staged home. It is also a huge indicator that the home is ready for a quick move-in without the hassle of remodelling or renovating it, which could be a huge benefit for buyers wanting to shift immediately. The concept of staging makes a house more appealing by providing potential buyers with ideas to personalise it.

5. Enhances a photo or video’s online presence

Majority of buyers today begin their search for properties online. As a result, visual materials like photos and videos are essential to the marketing process. By establishing an environment that is aesthetically attractive and appears excellent on camera, staging may make these photos stand out. This will draw more potential customers and raise the possibility of a transaction sooner.

Parting advice, always showcase your home in the best possible light while selling to draw in more buyers. Staging a house can help sell the lifestyle, not just the house. Potential buyers can visualise themselves embracing the lifestyle that the home has to offer by establishing a warm and beautiful environment. This is particularly important in the UK, where buyers are often looking for a home that reflects their personal style and interests. Finally, ensure that your property stands out in a crowded market and attracts the attention it deserves.


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