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Top Hiking Destinations 2023 for active travelers

Top Hiking Destinations 2023 for active travelers

Going on a holiday should be a relaxing time that you get to spend with yourself and your loved ones. There’s no better way to do this than by reconnecting to nature. Hiking is one of the best holiday activities because it allows you to bond with the beautiful world around you, yourself, and those you care about.

Of course, this mindful experience also has a lot of benefits for your physical health. This year, treat yourself to one of these top hiking destinations.

Malaysian Borneo

Those looking for a real adrenaline rush should definitely take a closer look at Mount Kinabalu. With barely any flat parts, the hike is full of rough terrain and stairs, leading you to the top of the mountain. One main reason people decide to stick to this hike despite how difficult it gets is the amazing reward at the top.

When the skies are clear, you’ll get to see the most beautiful sunrise you could have imagined. You’ll definitely need a guide for this two-day hike, but you won’t need a lot of supplies since there is a hotel near the top. 


If you’re a beginner hiker, perhaps it’s best to discover the beauty of hiking on an easier trail. The Coyote Gulch is one of the most beautiful and convenient trails for those who are yet to fall in love with hiking. You’ll get to see mesmerizing canyon walls and feel your stress and anxiety decreasing just by looking at them. The walk takes multiple days to complete, but, if you’re in a rush, it can be done in just one day. In this case, you’ll only get to see one canyon, though.

This destination is also suitable for those looking to stay away from touristy walks, filled with people. Only a few know of Coyote Gulch’s wonders, so you’ll be able to enjoy the peace of nature and even camp under the Jacob Hamblin Arch. Don’t forget to bring waterproof boots, as most of this hike is through water and sand.


If impressive wild nature fit for hiking is your thing, Tasmania is your destination. Located on the south of the globe, Tasmania, and the Three Capes Walk especially, offers an unforgettable hiking experience. This walk in Tasman National Park will allow you to see the best of Tasmania while providing full service. You’ll be met by two expert guides who will have the safety aspect of the walk all figured out.

It’s fourteen kilometres long and lasts around seven hours, so you’ll have a full itinerary for the day. You’ll also be able to replenish your energy at a restaurant with a beautiful view once you’ve reached the end of the trail. This walk is meant for more skilled hikers, but don’t worry because two levels are available, depending on your skill level.

South Africa

Africa is famous for its wide savannas and steppes, but it’s also perfect for hiking and has one hidden gem. The walk in Drakensberg to the Tugela Falls might be the most beautiful one you’ll ever participate in. It’s a fairly flat road, making it perfect for those who don’t have a high skill level. To reach the waterfalls though, you’ll have to climb a long way on chain link ladders. This is the part that scares most of those with a fear of heights away.

Since this is a fairly short walk that can be completed in around a day, you’ll have time to explore Drakensberg further. There are other interesting walks available, but be sure to check the skill level needed before you sign up.


We’ve all heard and probably marvelled at pictures of Machu Picchu, but the Inca Trail is the real crown jewel of the place. The cherry on top of this hiking trail is Machu Picchu itself, allowing you to enjoy the stunning beauty of the Wonder of the ancient world yourself. You’ll be able to completely immerse yourself in the ancient culture as this is the only path the Incas took to the top. This is an excellent opportunity to combine the old and the new and feel exactly as they felt all those years ago.

It will be a real adventure as you’ll have to stop along the way, so bring your camping supplies. It takes four days to complete, giving you a plethora of time to really enjoy your time there. It’s advisable to go with a company as they provide the guides and most of the supplies, making things easier for you.


As you can see, the world has a plethora of opportunity for hiking. There’s nothing stopping you from exploring the world on foot and discovering the unique beauty each hiking trail has. Wherever you decide to go, it’s bound to be an exciting and active holiday fit for a true adventurer.