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Apps Which Makes Your Car Hot Cake By Controlling Its Features

Are you still using a car for transportation or living in science era with a smart car?

A car is running on the road without any driver while passengers are not just stressed free but also chit chatting with each other. They don’t have fear of accident either any other mishap. Yes, it is an autonomous car. This is science, this is technology.

Do you think that in 1960’s anyone has any clue of autonomous cars? Yes, it seems like a joke and one of the impossibilities. And now what we have for transportation is still unbelievable. It is not just humans but technology lead vehicles to another level.

You don’t need autonomous cars in order to facilitate technology. There are so many apps with which your car will not remain an ordinary vehicle. No matter you are Apple phone user or Android, all you need a smartphone and internet to enjoy quality features and control car by your smartphone.

What else you may have? Not just vehicle controlling and operating features but technology offers many other facilities which help you a lot for securing your vehicle and entertaining while driving. Here are a few apps which turns your normal car into a smart car.

Leaf application (Android, iOS)

Dealing with your battery is extremely critical for a completely electric vehicle like the Nissan Leaf, so Nissan has outfitted each Leaf with its Carwings telematics association and provide drivers admittance to an application named Leaf launched and introduce by Nissan for the line-up with that association.

Utilizing this Nissan Leaf application, clients can check their battery status and evaluated driving array, plan vehicle charging times to exploit the superlative electrical charges or supersede a charging plan for quick charging.

Since utilizing the atmosphere regulatory framework significantly affects the Leaf’s array, the driver can likewise enact or plan the framework to work remotely, cooling or preheating the car utilizing power from the network.

OnStar RemoteLink (Android, iOS, BlackBerry)

At the point when numerous people consider General Motors’ OnStar telematics benefit, they consider a small blue button on the rearview mirror, however, that is just a single piece of the photo you have in front of you.

While the other half is sweet OnStar Remote Link. With this application, you can remotely bolt and open your vehicle door, stop or start your car engine, and beep the horn and glimmer the lights to enable you to find your ride in a swarmed parking area.

A vehicle discoverer demonstrates to you where your car is on a map not only this but also you can similarly look for termini and send them to your vehicle’s OnStar framework for turn-by-turn route.

At the point when consumed with a gas controlled vehicle, you can see your gas levels and screen air pressure in your car’s tyre from the application. Connect the application with a Chevrolet Volt and you can as well screen the RE-EV’s battery status and manage your charging plan.

Mini Connected (iOS)

From numerous points of view, the BMW and Mini Connected iOS applications are re-branded forms of the equivalent application with a couple of contracts that are one of a kind to the two porches. In any case, those distinctions are sufficiently noteworthy that we don’t feel like we are wrong by calculating them two times.

Both applications let you get to the social media like Facebook and Twitter information from your control panel, tune in to news and Web radio through your auto’s speakers, send Google Maps endpoints to your vehicle’s route framework, keep exploring by walking once you’ve stopped your car, and check in through Foursquare once you arrive.

The Mini Associated rendition has a couple of exceptional highlights including a Vigorous Music mode that creates music dependent on your driving style and comportments. Drive quicker to include to the melody, enact your swing sign to add a cymbal to the blend.

There’s additionally a kind of diverting, sort of irritating Mission Control highlight that offers your car’s different frameworks identities and friendly voices.

Entune (Android, iOS)

With Bing worked in, Toyota’s Entune application lets scan for and spare endpoints on your smartphone and access them after coming back to your vehicle. Facilitate in-dash reconciliation with Bing seek enables you to check the Web utilizing your cell phone’s information association for nearby endpoints that may not be in the vehicle’s locally available database.

The OpenTable application and MovieTickets.com reconciliation let you reserve a spot at nearby eateries and order the tickets of the movie, individually, from your vehicle’s dashboard.

iHeartRadio gives you a chance to stream nearby radio stations from around the globe while Pandora Radio enables you to stream calculation created stations dependent on your all-time favourite tunes and singers.

Toyota’s Prius Plug-in’s Entune framework is interesting in that it opens the capacity to deal with the vehicle’s charging, enact remote atmosphere controls, and find your car on a map.

Blue Link (Android, iOS)

Hyundai’s Blue Link telematics framework is entirely new, just showing up on seven of the automaker’s present line up of fourteen auto motives. Yet it’s still reasonably completely included.

From the application, the driver can beep their Hyundai’s horn, open and bolt its doors, remotely start the vehicle engine, and glimmer the headlights. You can likewise scan for concern of enthusiasm for sparing and exchanging to your vehicle’s turn-by-turn route framework.


Navdy is the main convenient head-up presentation (HUD). It sits on the dashboard and attaches into the OBD-II port. It anticipates information, for example, speed, car’s engine rpm, and remit bearing on a clear display screen in front you, and utilizations worked in GPS and Google Maps to demonstrate the encompassing zone, show speed breaking points and road names, and guide you to your endpoint.

It additionally interfaces with your Android or iOS cell phone by means of Bluetooth to show information including calls, messages, songs, videos and all way of online life of Facebook, Twitter and other social media and notifications.

Access to this information is generally controlled utilizing a thumbwheel that joins to your driving wheel enhanced by motion control that is initiated by waving your hand in front of the gadget.

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