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10 Gardening Tools that you cannot miss in your Garden this Summer

Summer is approaching and with it, the heat. All lovers of gardening worry, because at this time our gardens suffer a lot due to high temperatures. In particular, our plants suffer, with which we have to be especially careful, if we do not want them to wither. 

If you want to have a garden ready, in perfect condition, there are certain gardening tools that you must have this summer so that your garden is impeccable. Here we present them:

The electric brush cutter

An electric or gasoline brush cutter to cut excess leaves and branches from your hedges and trees .

Thanks to this tool you will be able to effectively kill the weeds and bushes that have grown during the cold months in your garden.

It has powerful trimmers that will allow you to keep the corners and corners of your garden perfect .

Hedge trimmer

Electric or fuel hedge trimmers are very useful tools for your garden, much more productive than scissors. Although in the past they were too heavy and difficult to handle devices, it is no longer the case today. Any commercial hedge trimmer complies with enough power that you can easily get with amazon coupons.

Motor hoe

In your garden, if you wish, you can make use of agricultural tools so that you can cultivate in it. The tiller will allow you to plow , lift and aerate the soil with great ease . You are going to save a lot of effort and it will be beneficial to your health . You just have to push the device so it does the job itself. Thus, it is also safer that the floor is well treated , which is not always easy to do by hand.

If you have a motor hoe, you must give it proper maintenance so that it does not spoil . Clean it and remove the debris whenever necessary. Due to the nature of the work it does, it is common for it to get dusty and small stones. Correct storage is essential and usually takes up a lot of space . Do not put any object on it.

If you want to have a quality motor hoe to make the garden you have always wanted or plow the land for its cultivation, do not hesitate to contact us , at Majo Rentals we offer you the best gardening tool rental.


This appliance is quite expensive, but very necessary for your garden . But, at Majo Rentals , you can rent a chainsaw at a much lower price, the days you need it . This system is very advantageous, since you will not have to take care of maintenance , which is quite complicated and expensive , due to the inclusion of the specific lubricant.


Every garden , especially the larger it is, needs a large hose to be able to water the entire area . It must be long enough to be able to reach all the points without much effort. When you buy one, make sure it is made with a flexible and resistant fabric, so that it has a longer life . Cheap plastic can be more expensive than you expect, because it tends to be damaged easily.

Do not forget the reel, very useful for you to properly store the hose . This way it will not bend and you will avoid damage, and it will be easier for you to manipulate. If you can get one that picks up the hose easily, you will have less effort to do, as they tend to weigh much more than it seems.

Irrigation system

Hoses are fine, but they are not always the best for large areas. A sprinkler will allow the hydration of your garden in a homogeneous and automatic way , so you will save a huge amount of work . You can program the system irrigation so it works when you want it . But check it a couple of times a week, so that the water you water in your garden is neither too little nor too much. This saves time and work , but it does not relieve you of the responsibility of evaluating the condition of your plants.

In addition, as the water is expelled upwards and falls naturally, it will be the most suitable for the flowers. The appliance irrigates the water gently, so it will not affect the petals and fruits, or the softer soil substrate.

The manual watering cans are included in the irrigation system . The pots are very delicate, so you will have to water them this way. It is not as effective if you use a glass of water or similar, because the shower minimizes the impact of the water, so it will not remove the soil. It is also a very useful tool when you want to water a small area.


Garden tool rental companies are also having a high demand for spray trucks, especially from farmers or people who own fairly large land. With this sprayer, they manage to spread large amounts of pesticides and liquid fertilizers efficiently.


Necessary to be able to cut all the weeds and leave the lawn evenly. To buy or rent the best mower, we recommend choosing one that offers you excellent features, such as ergonomic and adjustable handles that help you improve your body posture. 

In addition, it allows you to cut grass close to the edge of the garden and guarantees exact cuts, even when conditions are not the best, you can use polytunnel for your garden safety.

Gasoline Scarifiers

It is possible to adjust the depth, so you can choose how to work your lawn according to what you need. Do not forget to make use of the waste collection bag that will collect everything while you work; You only have to empty it to the extent that you need it.

Gasoline auger

The augers are very useful for your garden, excellent for planting trees or digging wells. Although there are those that are manual, they are not an option at all recommended, since they require a huge amount of effort. And that, without counting the difficulties that the terrain will have.

That is why it is recommended that you choose a gasoline auger.

These 10 tools are vital this summer if you want your garden to be well cared for . Although it is true that you do not need to use all of them for this purpose, think intelligently and rent your kit to prepare the garden, consider the ones that are most useful to you according to the conditions and dimensions of your garden. 

For example, with the brush cutter and lawnmower, you will leave everything well outlined, with the hose, you will keep your garden vital and fresh, and with the sprayer, you will avoid having problems with insect pests.

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