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7 ideas to Upgrade your Master Bathroom over the weekend

7 ideas to Upgrade your Master Bathroom over the weekend

There were times when the bathroom in a house was just a room where one used to freshen up, take bath, use the toilet – that’s it. As a reason, people did not invest much of time and efforts in deciding the looks and design of a bathroom. 

But today, the bathroom plays an integral part in deciding the appeal of a home. A lot about the house and the people living in it is revealed by the décor and design of the bathroom.

Upgrading the bathroom is a great idea indeed. It gives a new look and feel to the old place. The thought that immediately comes to the mind is that upgrading the master bathroom will be an expensive and time taking affair. 

However, it is not so when planned in the right manner. Mentioned below are 7 excellent ideas for upgrading the master bathroom without breaking the bank and over the weekend:

Change the plain floor

Usually bathroom floors have tiles or mosaics on them so that water has no impact on the floor. But a plain floor might look dull and boring over a period of time. Infact, without proper maintenance, there are marks and stains which develop on the floor. Try stenciling on the plain floor for giving it some pattern and color. Some of the designs look like a rug has been placed in the bathroom. When maintained properly, these designs remain the same till a long time right from the time of installation.

Try removing the shower door

It is obvious that the area of the shower is concealed from the rest of the bathroom. If you have a shower door in place and that’s quite old, try removing the same. Usually such doors are made of either plastic or glass and need to be cleaned and rubbed at regular intervals. Try replacing the door with shower curtains. Installing the curtains is not a problem at all. The curtains can be washed and hung again without any added maintenance and hassle.

Try working on the bathroom vanity

The bathroom vanity is an integral part of the master bathroom. To upgrade the bathroom, it is important that this part is taken care of well. You can use paint to give the space a new feel. Otherwise, you can also work with some easy and affordable like wallpaper. Choosing a suitable wallpaper can alter the entire appearance of the bathroom within the shortest span of time.

Create shelves in the wall in the bathroom

When you are upgrading the bathroom, it also means that you are enhancing the functionality and utility of the space. Is there is provision, try creating shelves in the wall of the bathroom. This will not only increase your storage space in the bathroom, but it will make the place look more functional and organized. You can store various kinds of items on the shelves.

Work on the lighting in the bathroom

Lights plays a very important role in deciding the look of the bathroom. The old lights might not be illuminating the place as well as it should. Replace the old lights. Use LED lights. Use attractive fittings for the lights. The luminosity of these lights is better than ordinary lights and the consumption is quite low as well. Upgrade your bathroom with these lights and see the difference.

Concentrate on plumbing fixtures

You might not notice, but the greatest drawback in your present bathroom might be the plumbing fixtures. There might be leaking pipes or dripping taps and faucets. Sometimes the pipes in the bathroom remain open and revealed for public view. Try concealing them. It is recommended to hire the services of a professional plumber to get the works done in the most immaculate manner.

Work on the walls of the bathroom

If you thought that only your living room and bedroom walls need décor, you are mistaken. You can upgrade your bathroom by working on the wall décor of the place. Try adding some art works on the walls of the bathroom along with interesting frames. See how these little additions change the entire appearance of the bathroom. This will neither need too much time nor efforts.

Now with the weekend approaching, you can plan as how you can start the work of upgrading the master bathroom. With proper planning, you can save time and complete the work as well. Next time guests come, they will be surprised at your new bathroom for sure.