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How to Choose Eyelash Extensions

No look is ever complete. That’s the beauty of style and fashion. Think you’ve found your ideal image? Think again. There’s always a way to enhance your wardrobe and blend your accessories to create a new angle that you never thought possible.

One of the ways we can instantly add new and invigorating layers of identity to our tried and tested ensembles is through eye lash extensions (see lash extensions London, for example).

But how do we choose which lashes are right for us? It’s time to take review the options.

J Curl Extensions (the natural look)

We’re kicking things off with the entry level natural look – but don’t be fooled, the J curl extension can be used to great and full effect. Think of the J curl as your free-pass to add volume and length to your dressed up or dressed down image for all occasions, never overstepping sensibilities and never failing to make an impact. You could say the J curl is the perfect all-rounder.

B Curl Extensions (the ‘eyelash curler’ look)

When the J curl just isn’t enough, B curl extensions can deliver the fuller ‘eyelash curler’ look. Confident and yet understated, B curl extensions are the ideal go-to accessory for when you wish to create a persona that says you knew you were coming and you’re ready for whatever the evening brings. 

C Curl Extensions (the dramatic ‘open eye’ look)

The C curl is the extension of choice for on-the-go people with excellent first impressions to make and day-long fatigue to hide – the C curl delivers the open and lifted eye look that says “Hello world, I hope you’re ready for me”, at any hour of the day.  

D Curl Extensions (the extreme ‘doll eye’ look)

The D curl option is not for the faint of heart. This lash extension embodies a dramatic and forward determination, with shoot-from-the-hip self-reliance and bags of backbone that can help anybody to stand out and be remembered when the situation calls for it. 

L+ Curl Extensions (The ultimate ‘Barbie’ look)

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more extreme, the L+ curl steps up to take the crown as the truly outstanding maximised ‘Barbie’ look. Think red carpet. Think catwalk. Think making the kind of impression that’s usually reserved for people with movie star hair. Tread lightly with this all-star effect! 

Which eyelash extension should I choose?

Ultimately, the decision over which type of eyelash extensions to choose will come down to the look you wish to achieve. For example, J curl and B curl extensions may be more suited to a look of everyday refined confidence, ideal for work environments and heading out to meet friends afterwards. C curl and D curl extensions add volume and charisma more suited to dressy social environments, complementing your fearless outgoing spirit. L+ curls add a stylish dash of daring that can enhance personal styles to the next level – why not experiment with unique lash combos that show your individuality? Lash combos are a great way to find a range of looks for all occasions. 

Lori Wadehttp://graysmark.co.uk
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