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How To Make Your Thin Hair Look Fuller

How To Make Your Thin Hair Look Fuller

Of course, every girl’s hair goal is to have hair that looks fuller and luscious. There is just something about thicker hair. But if you have thinner hair on the side, you may feel that there is nothing much you can do to make it look fuller. But the good news is, there are a few hair hacks you can try to make your thin hair look fuller.

These tips won’t take much of your time and effort. That makes it easy to incorporate them into your hair care regimen. Here are some hair tips to help you make your thin hair look fuller.

Trim your hair 

One of the easiest ways you can create the illusion of fuller-looking hair is to cut off a few inches. Chopping off a few inches of your weave hair helps you get rid of length that could be weighing your hair down. When it comes to styling your hair, you can talk to your stylist to add some layers to your tresses, as they can help create a more voluminous look.

Change your part

This is especially a good hack if you have been wearing your part the same for many years. A deep side part can help make your thin tresses look a little thicker. Besides, it is very elegant. Although the middle part is also great, the deep side part can help you add volume to your hair- and it is also trending. Flip your lace closure wig over to one side, and you are good to go.

Use the right conditioner

If you want thicker hair, you must start by using the right shampoo. So you need to choose your shampoo carefully. The right shampoo should add body and bounce. When looking for the right shampoo, choose the ones that are volumizing or lightweight.

Shampoos and conditioners that are labeled volumizing or thickening typically contain fewer conditioning ingredients, meaning they can’t weigh your hair down. They are a perfect foundation for styling.

Air-dry your hair

You can still enhance your hair’s natural texture without necessarily using heating tools. All you need is a wave spray. After getting a shower, you need to spray your damp hair evenly using wave spray and allow it to dry.

Invest in high-quality hair extensions

Hair extensions, when applied correctly, are an effective way to make your hair thicker- as long you go to a stylist who has vast experience when it comes to extensions. Whether you choose clip-in extensions, beaded extensions, or tape extensions, they can help add volume and fullness to your tresses.

Fill in your roots

If you have thin hair, parts of your scalp are probably visible. This makes your hair look even thinner. Root powders are perfect for covering grays, but they can also be used to create the illusion of thicker hair. Remember to use a tinted powder that is almost the same color as that of your roots. You can use a small brush to fill in your hair part or areas where your scalp may be more visible. When you use root powder that matches your root color, no one will notice the difference.

Keep your hair healthy

This may seem obvious, but getting good-looking hair is not that easy when you are constantly damaging it by using the wrong products or tools. If you want fuller hair, you should minimize the use of heat styling tools and avoid using too much conditioner in the shower.

Additionally, taking precautions such as not over-washing your hair and using heat protectant spray can also help it look thicker and stronger over time, since it will minimize breakage and hair loss. Also, avoid super-tight hairstyles as much as possible.

Use the right products for your hair type

There are a few precious moments between coming out of the shower and drying your hair. Make them count. When your hair is still wet, you can massage it in a volumizing mousse. A great blow out can add fullness and body to your hair.

Once your hair is dry but still warm, you can use rollers to add volume as your hair cools down. You can also blow-dry your hair with a volumizing styling product such as mousse. The mousse helps to provide a long-lasting, bouncy, and voluminous look.


There you have it, incredible tips to help you make your thin hair look fuller. As you can see, these tips don’t require much effort, so you can pull them up easily. So if you are someone with thin hair and have been wondering if you can get a fuller, thicker look, you can add the above-named tricks into your hair care regimen and see amazing results.


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