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Top 12 Reasons Why People Love Escape Room Games

People yet to taste the life in escape room in Kansas City ask for the reasons or ideal occasions to visit the place. If you ask the same question to any winner of this mindful game, they will answer why not? It is true that there is no reason not to visit the escape rooms.  Well, you must be wondering why people across the nation love these games? Here are the top 12 reasons why people love escape room games. Take a look at these reasons, and you will know what you’re missing in life.

Escape rooms are real-life thrilling games, and one can participate here with family, best friends, co-workers, college buddies, and even strangers. The entertainment, challenge and bonding experience you get here in 60 minutes is incomparable with the joy of watching a movie or any other fulfilling activity.

Escape room KC allows people to be an active participant in solving astounding puzzles within a short 60 minutes. The adrenaline rush while trying to escape from a locked room  – is an experience that rejuvenates your mind and body.

There is more than one factor that makes escape rooms in Kansas City a unique place. The lavish rooms can transform you into your favorite role play or fantasy world. There is a range of classic themes for an incredible experience such as Tick Tock Escape Game, The Exit Room, Escape KC, Breakout KC, Escape Room Kansas City, Mastermind Escape games and the list is exhaustive.

People who value adventure fall in love with escape rooms. There are many more wow factors to visit this place. Here are the top 12 reasons why people love escape room games.

1. Love the role of detective 

After years of reading the racy thrillers of Sidney Sheldon and Jaw dropping acts of Sherlock Holmes, it’s finally time to be the one. Escape room KC with spy themes will leave no stone unturned to make you feel like a professional detective – busy with a murder mystery.

People love escape room for a cheeky dive into the life of an investigator. Here you will learn how to think objectively like cops and keep aside personal prejudice – to reach logical conclusions.

Playing escape room games enhances the problem-solving ability – a must-have for mental wellbeing.

Most of the people having a stressful life lack the skills to handle problems. Escape room games are the way to master this skill and a reason for hundreds of footfall here every month.

2. Experience the 3D magic

You can play internet puzzles in real life escape rooms and what can be more exciting? You will have an unforgettable experience with flawless execution of creativity and immersive technology.

According to TripAdvisor, it is the most demanding activity in different cities across the world. People love to escape from danger- a human psychology that makes these room games so popular.

You may have to partake in the game with strangers when you don’t have sufficient members. It is an interesting way to find complex answers while matching your potential with others.

Moreover, the classic themes of jailbreak or double agent room are unique to KC escape rooms than in other cities. There are incredible themes for beginners besides a variety of intricate puzzles.

The first time break-out rooms are fantastic with creative + logical puzzles that are hard to crack, yet achievable for rookies. It boosts them to visit again to explore mysteries with greater complexity. 

3. To spike dopamine level

People are crazy about KC escape room as they can beat stress, anxiety, and depression. Are you wondering how it happens?

Juggling with mind-bending puzzles releases dopamine that stimulates the nervous system. It is a pleasure giving hormone, just like endorphins. These happy chemicals play a significant role in boosting motivation, elevating general mood, calming mind and satisfaction.

The mental relaxation which, people get after several breakthroughs in escaping out of the room – is an amazing perk that drives people here.

People leave the premise with a positive outlook towards life, and that is the talent of this fulfilling game. The therapeutic prospects of playing this game can also be your next excuse to visit again.

4. Laughter benefits

Working together with old friends or family members on the mission to escape is an excellent opportunity – to have laughter sessions. Escape rooms are made of themes, and each has its beauty.

Some themes are funny like Novus escape room in Kansas City, while some are dreadful. The clues are sometimes really humorous – that will giggle you like anything. Laughter has several benefits, and when you laugh with friends and folks, the benefits are amplified.

No restrictions for age and sex is the beauty of the escape room. Children love to play here under the guidance of elders, experience unlimited fun and laugh out of loud – that will be memorable for days to come.

5. To learn teamwork skills

Team building is crucial whether it is for corporate success or to resolve family challenges. Escape kc is the right choice to learn teamwork skills and develop social interactions in the community. 

Themes like Beasley’s Billions in KC escape rooms demand good team bonding. Teamwork not only helps in improving work productivity and efficiency but also gives the stamina to deal with professional problems.

People love escape room games as they can strengthen the professional network with old employees and build acquaintances with new faces of the company.

The other secret why people love escape room is a strong social connection, a key to physical well being and longevity.

 6. To impress beloved

Communication skills are essential to solving brain crashing puzzles of escape room. The participants in the team must have strong coordination with teammates to leave the room before 60 minutes.

People plan a date night at escape room in Kansas City to test communication and compatibility with their partners. It is also a great way to make the day special and memorable for your girl or guy.

You can form deeper bonding and connection with your lover while working towards common goals. Supporting each other throughout the thriller game will instill the faith in togetherness. The sense of accomplishment will help you both realize the love and compassion for each other.

7. Boost brain power

Escape room KC is the great platform for enhancing your critical thinking, reasoning, and quick decision-making skills. You have only 60 minutes to prove your guts and gain victory – that demands 100% attention and concentration.

A good eye for minute details is must for winning escape room games and needs a steady thought process. The cumulative effect of these skills is – high brain function, which attracts people from across the world to visit escape room.

Surgeons playing brain-twisting games before surgery or nurses solving sudoku to handle mental health patient – is the evidence of such cognitive benefits.

So, make a trip to escape the room, overland park, and trap yourself for 60 minutes to boost your brain power six times higher. 

8. Take a break from social media

Social media is ruling our life so much that we cannot imagine ourselves without tweets and likes. We are glued to our phones, tablets, and laptops 24*7. People love to flaunt their success in escape room games on social media – a common reason why people try this game.

Escape rooms are also the best way to escape from social media addiction. There are a lot of crazy tasks to perform in live escape room games and every member of a group must be an active participant.

From solving riddles to decoding frustrating puzzles and many more hands-on activities, you will have no time to scroll through other Facebook activities. 

9. Physical experience 

I love escape room as it engages me in physical activity quite naturally. It is a misconception that escape rooms are only mind games, but there is a lot more to it.

There are frustrating obstacles on your way, and you need to move from one spot to another to dig out the hidden clues.

Investing 60 minutes here gives benefits equals to 30 minutes of brisk walking – that physicians recommend to stay fit.

People love games more than walking as the former is a lot more fun and immersive. You hardly realize your physical performance due to the overwhelming urge to free yourself.

Such physical experience boosts energy levels, and you can see when people come out buzzing and screaming out of happiness.

10.Celebrate festive period

The advent of escape trend gives a new dimension to the occasions like Christmas and New Year.  The whole world is crazy about escape room games and includes them in celebrating the festive period.

The customers at escape room say they want to break out of traditional wine and dine party.  They say drinking cocktails and ending night in a bar is a boring way to welcome the new year. 

As per social media survey, people believe that visiting escape rooms is the fantastic idea to spend Christmas Eve with family. Teenagers consider this an incredibly rocking place to ride into the new year – while intensely fighting for freedom. 

Celebrities like Barack Obama and Chris Evans have set a new trend to celebrate festive occasions in escape rooms. Obama during his Hawaii vacations did visit escape room with his family. His busy schedule did not stop him from enjoying. It was inspiring for many others to join such big names.

11. Challenge your skills

A KC escape room is the place to test your cognitive abilities, time management, fast decision-making skills and creativity. Putting intelligence to test is the popular reason, which most people give for their visit to escape rooms in Kansas City.

In an escape room, victory is difficult as one must unravel riddles and unlock the trap doors in just 60 minutes. If you love competitions and racing against time, then this is the best place ever.

People who seek pleasure in challenging endeavors, love escape rooms and visit more than once.

Every room has a new theme, a unique set of challenges, and allows to play a new role. You can explore different scenarios like being in a prison cell or working as a scientist.

Hence, at escape room, winning becomes the new quest and compels people to deep dive into the adventure.  

12. Friends night out

Having a night out is must in this digital world and for a work-life balance. College students, school goers, and even working professionals make a trip to escape room for a night out. There are plenty causes for a night out at escape room in KC.

Night outs at KC escape can deepen the bond with old friends or facilitate close connection with new friends. Working men and women use escape room to break out the tension of a big presentation/conference the next day.

Escape rooms are hit idea for night outs, as it is a common ground of enjoyment for everyone.  It is difficult to convince everyone for your favorite movie or restaurant, but effortless to invite to escape room Kansas city.


There are plenty of health and educational benefits with this immersive entertainment – besides group enjoyment and photos. You can challenge yourself while merrymaking or make new friends on Christmas Eve or beat your frustration while cracking the smart codes. Is there any reason to hate escape games?

If you are eager to visit escape room Kansas city then use  “top 12 reasons why people love escape room games” as your future excuse. Escape rooms are popular because there is something for people of all ages and everyone takes part in it proactively.  It will give you awesome experience irrespective of the occasion you choose to visit.

Once you visit the place, you too will inevitably fall in love with this mysterious concept. If you are awaiting any party or get-together, then don’t forget about escape rooms!

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