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Technical skills every Blockchain Developer must possess

Technical skills every Blockchain Developer must possess

The blockchain technology is an unquestionable creative invention which has created the backbone of a new type of internet. By this technology incorruptible economic transactions can be done and valuable information like shipping information, medical data can be stored. Originally it is started for the digital currency, Bitcoin. But now the tech community is using it for other prospective uses. 

The blockchain database isn’t restricted for single location; rather the records it keeps can be accessed by anyone and they can be easily verifiable. There is no centralized report of this information, so hackers cannot corrupt. Simultaneously its data can be accessible by any one on the internet.

Blockchain technology is a different concept and cannot be understandable by everyone. So there are some blockchain development companies which provide different levels of training for business and technical aspects. The training concentrates on how blockchain can help in changing one’s company’s overall development.

A little more about blockchain developers 

A Blockchain developer works in creating and executing digital solutions for organizations by employing a distinct type of technology. People having a programming background, can work as a blockchain developer, but they need to have special Blockchain trainings.

First of all the blockchain developers need to understand the basics of Blockchain system. He has to be familiarize with the basic lexicons and terminologies such as Blockchain, Consensus mechanism, Decentralized and distributed structured, proof of work etc. 

Blockchain technology works according to the concept of distributed and decentralized database and it uses the consensus mechanism by which every node present in the network can authenticate and confirm the transaction process.

There are a number of platforms available on the Blockchain, but the demand of Ethereal and Hyperledger is more in comparison to others.

To be a successful blockchain developer, one needs to have specific technical skills. Here are some skills and habits.

1. Excellent in managing business outcomes

Blockchain developers mostly concentrate on technology and less on business process simplification. It is not so easy to understand the business outcomes. Therefore the Blockchain developers need to discover data flows and make direct connections between trading partners, suppliers and customers globally. 

2. Be the master of interoperability

Interconnecting ledgers in various technology platforms creates deployment risks, so have an open source mindset. Combining with enterprise systems is also vital to lessen latency and manage business outcomes.

3. Acquire distributed ledger expertise

Every blockchain structure does not support smart contracts. So acquire distributed ledger technology expertise to speed up smart contracts development.

4. Be a creative designer

Besides block chain skills, a blockchain developer should have cross-discipline broad skills and a good creative designer, lively and ready to deliver immediately. Always be ready to handle troublesome technologies and situations.

5. Gather information about different platforms

Today different firms hiring blockchain developers to select the right enterprise for blockchain solution as large number of frameworks always creates confusion. Therefore the blockchain developers should always collect information of various blockchain platforms like The Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, Ripple and R3 Corda etc. These will help them to recognize the right solution for the right blockchain platform and clear their differences.

6. Know blockchain security

Security frameworks are still growing for fulfillment, legal and regulatory needs. There are so many security skills like cryptographic hashing, public and private key cryptography, Merkle proofs, elliptic curve digital signatures etc and these should be known by the blockchain developers.

7. Learn to simplify

Blockchain cannot be used as enterprise resource planning (ERP) replacement technology. But you can use it to simplify your business process to manage business outcomes and be advance in design thinking methodology to encourage innovation. Associate with good blockchain service providers. So that, you can get the full range of skills to get success in all stages of a new blockchain projects.


Blockchain is modernizing the industries by changing their processes of working and therefore more and more people are striving to associate themselves with this technology.

Learning Blockchain is somehow challenging even if you have programming background. Block Gemini is helping the people from GCC region and around the world to employ Blockchain into their current business processes to reduce service costs and to be more aggressive on the market. People having any more detailed questions, can contact different social networks or on the live chat on the website to get correct information.