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5 Simple Ways to Refresh the Look of your Home without Renovating It

Your home is a reflection of your personality, your energy, and your identity. With the right look, your house can encourage happiness and push you to success. But what do you do when your sanctuary starts to feel uninspired?

Changing the look and feel of your home isn’t easy, and renovations can be time-consuming and expensive. Nonetheless, there are many ways you can refresh the look of your home – on a budget! – without making drastic changes. In this article, we cover five ways you can update your house while being both stylish and affordable.

Mind the Lighting 

Dim, yellowy lighting might look great in a historical film, but it definitely won’t help with the way your house feels. Poor lighting and bad light fixtures can make the house feel claustrophobic and stuffy, no matter how you decorate. Start renovating your house here.

When it comes to lightbulbs, energy saving LED lamps and halogens can refresh the whole room. Not only does the lighting feel natural, but it also saves you money in the long run. If LEDs aren’t your thing, consider antique-style Edison bulbs – they’re a great way to update your look while providing a cozier light.

Even the best light can be trapped in the wrong fixture. If you use a lamp or ceiling fan that doesn’t match the rest of the room, the lighting can only make the problem worse. Consider these tips when searching for the best fixture. With great lighting, home is only a flick of a switch away!

Take “Cleaning Day” to the Next Level 

You probably clean the carpet, the counters, and the toilet on cleaning day, but when’s the last time you touched your windows? In the same way that poor lighting can make a house feel cramped, grimy windows and dirty window sills can tamper with the lighting, turning sunlight into streams of dust and grey. Revamping the room will involve having a clean window.

Additionally, if you don’t do it regularly, you might want to consider cleaning the walls, ceiling, and vents in your house. These areas can get bogged down by dust and grime, discoloring the entire space without you even noticing. Though it can be tedious, giving these spaces a good scrub can go a long way in improving the mood. 

Change Your Color Palette 

Now that you’ve cleaned and fixed the lighting, you can focus on what might need some serious change. Your walls, floors, furniture, and accessories all throw their colors to the room. When the colors work together, the vibe can be harmonious and encourage positive moods. But when the colors clash, your house can feel chaotic. 

So what’s the fix? Start by learning more about color theory. The right color palette can communicate the right mood, and you want your house to feel as fresh, as rejuvenating, as professional, or as grounded as you desire. Applying this palette to your walls, furniture, and decor can take your home to the next step. 

Build a Decoration Wall

Give one of your bare walls a little TLC by putting together a decoration wall. Decoration walls are a great way to give your room more personality. Whether it’s shelves full of books and succulents, framed art pieces and tapestries, or floral-inspired mirrors, a decoration wall can speak on behalf of the style of your household. 

To make your decoration wall, start with your centerpiece. Your centerpiece is the artwork or design that stands out and draws the whole wall together. From there, build out, whether it’s adding artwork, wallpaper, or other decorations. Your wall is your canvas, make it a masterpiece. 

The Final Touches

Think of it as the cherry on top. There can be no milkshake without the cherry; likewise, there can be no home without the final touches. Rugs, pillows, and coffee tables can all complement your style and add to the color palette you’ve chosen. Likewise, small decorations can create big impacts: from indoors plants to decals and wallpaper, these last additions are ways you can solidify your space as your own. 

Freshening up your home can seem daunting, but don’t put it off! Your home is how you express yourself and channel positive energy. From changing the rugs to cleaning the windows, your house can feel wholly refreshed, even on a budget. A little love can go a long way, so follow these tips to make the most out of your palace. 

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