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5 Essential Tips to Make a Small Bathroom Better

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in a home but is often overlooked, especially when that bathroom is small.  

Making the most out of a small bathroom can be challenging. In this article, we take a look at how to make the best out of a small bathroom, while still being stylish, practical and affordable.

Make smart furniture choices

Furniture that is bulky and takes up too much room is a no-no when it comes to making the most out of a small bathroom.  Pedestal sinks can sometimes get in the way or require too much space, so smarter choices have to be made.  

When designing your small bathroom you should think of using corner sinks, floating vanity units or even combining the sink and vanity unit to save a lot of space just like what Tavistock bathrooms do, using a combined unit is a great choice in an ultra-small bathroom.

Another tip to save space with vanity units is to use a rounded vanity unit.  Square units look much bigger than rounded units in smaller rooms because the lines in the furniture make our eyes see hard lines which we associate with barriers.  

Square units and rounded units usually take up the same amount of space, but one seems much more space efficient than the other.

Paint choices are vital

White paint is the best option when it comes to creating the most space visually but it can be boring.  The next best option when it comes to using paint in the bathroom is to use a little colour sparingly.

A hint of colour on one wall can still maintain the illusion of space but it also gives your room more character.  

You also want to paint the walls and ceiling the same colour.  The same colour allows the eye to forget about the transition between the wall and ceiling and therefore create more space in your mind.

Forget privacy and use a clear shower door

In small bathrooms you need to create open space, this is done by tile choices, paint choices and the bathroom furniture and fittings that you choose.  

Textured glass can give you privacy but it creates another visual barrier in your bathroom which makes your room look smaller.  A clear shower door may not give you much privacy but it does create a space in your bathroom.

If privacy is a concern you can simply add a lock to your bathroom door and your problem is solved.

Add mirrors to create an illusion

Wall to ceiling mirrors can make your room look so much bigger than it actually is.  Large mirrors are not only great space creators but are actually practical.

A large mirror in a small bathroom will also save you time when two people are using the bathroom to get ready.  There is nothing worse than multiple people using a small bathroom at the same time and fighting over the mirror to get ready.

Use the same tiles on the floor and walls

The space you have and what your eyes see are two different things.  The transition from floor to wall is very important.   Using the same tiles on the wall and floor cuts the lines that our eyes see, tricking them into thinking that the bathroom is actually bigger than it is.  

This tip is similar to the ceiling to wall paint tip above, but to go one step further, when using tiles to create space a great option is marble.  Marble or marble look tiles make it much harder for our eyes to see lines and transitions, creating space in our mind.


Small bathrooms are challenging to design and make the most of, but using the tips above you can make your small bathroom more welcoming and much better than it currently is.

Lori Wadehttp://graysmark.co.uk
Lori Wade is a content writer who is interested in a wide range of spheres from Lifestyle, Technology, Business, Health, education and online marketing to entrepreneurship.
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